Sharing Our Values

Harmonising Solutions

In order to realise a sustainable society, Mitsubishi Electric unites all the capabilities inside and outside of the Group to create values in four fields: "Life" focusing on the daily lives of people, "Industry" enabling creation of things necessary for life, "Infrastructure" providing the foundation for society, and "Mobility" connecting all of the above-mentioned fields. These fields are defined as social challenge categories to which the Mitsubishi Electric Group can contribute solutions by providing its products, systems and services.

Technology synergies and business synergies

To provide solutions to those social challenges, Mitsubishi Electric provides integrated solutions by promoting "Technology Synergies" through optimal combinations of its strong technological assets, which encompass a wide range of technological fields, and "Business Synergies" through the collaboration of its diverse business activities.
By constantly identifying the challenges and needs of society or each customer, and continuing to pursue their satisfaction through proposing and implementing solutions, the Group will secure sustainable growth going forward.

Stories of harmonised solutions

Read backstories about customer and community needs and how Mitsubishi Electric delivers integrated solutions through a combination of our products, systems and services to meet those needs.

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