MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better
Constant-current control type clutch amplifier controls the exciting current of 24 V DC type compact clutches and brakes.

LD-10PAU-B power amplifier

The LD-10PAU power amplifier is used for a dedicated clutch forcontrolling the exciting current of 24 V DC of small powder clutches/brakes, which are used in devices that perform tension control
such as wire, paper, or film manufacturing machines. The constant current control method achieves constant output current and constant generated torque even if the coil resistance changes due to fluctuations in the clutch/ brake temperature to realize stable control with high


  • Equipped with functions required in simultaneous multi-shaft control.
  • 16 types of output torque command and inertia compensation gain can be registered and switched
  • Allows selection of the output current command to suit the purpose of use.
  • Incorporates a correction function for the nonlinear torque characteristics of clutches and brakes. 
  • Can change absence/presence of the output cushion operation using the external contact input
  • Equipped with open-loop control mode using analog reel diameter signal
  • The system including clutches and brakes can be totally controlled when a PLC is connected
  • Easy setup of multiple clutch amplifiers using the memory cassette