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Mitsubishi Electric to Increase Stake in Realtime Robotics to Support Expanded Use of Motion-planning Technology in FA Products


TOKYO, May 27, 2024 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today that it will increase its existing investment in Massachusetts-based Realtime Robotics, Inc., an American startup company that is pioneering motion-planning technology for calculating trajectories to enable factory-automation (FA) equipment to avoid obstacles and generate optimized routes.

By expanding the use of Realtime Robotics' advanced technology in Mitsubishi Electric's FA solution software products and control-system equipment, the partners expect to further enhance the digitalization and optimization of automated production at manufacturing sites. Since May 2019, when Mitsubishi Electric first invested in Realtime Robotics, the two companies have been promoting technological collaboration between Realtime's motion-planning technology and Mitsubishi Electric's industrial robots, with the aim of helping manufacturers achieve agile, variable-volume production and flexible manufacturing for improved productivity in the face of rising capital-investment and labor costs as well as diversifying consumer needs.

As Mitsubishi Electric strives to transform into a "Circular Digital-Engineering Company," its FA systems business is investing in and cooperating with software companies to strengthen automation and digitalization in diverse manufacturing processes, including design, manufacturing, testing, operation and maintenance, ultimately to provide customers with best-in-class products and solutions.

By increasing its stake, Mitsubishi Electric plans to further integrate Realtime's cutting-edge motion-planning technology into 3D simulators and other software to optimize manufacturing through the power of digital twins. Later, Mitsubishi Electric expects to incorporate Realtime's technology into FA control system devices, such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), servo motors and computer numerical controllers (CNCs), to ensure uninterrupted plant operations by responding to needs for expanded automation capabilities, streamlined plant operations for improved efficiency and fast responses to unexpected events.

Going forward, Mitsubishi Electric is committed to promoting open innovation by collaborating with innovative companies and cutting-edge technologies. Through diverse partnerships, the company aims to steadily address challenges faced by manufacturers in order to drive impactful solutions and continued advancement.


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