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Mitsubishi Electric Recognized by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS for the fastest robot to solve a puzzle cubeRecord achieved with high-speed, high-precision FA equipment and control technology


  • The project team with the
    GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS certificate in Hyogo, Japan

  • TOKUFASTbot solving a puzzle cube (video)

TOKYO, May 23, 2024 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today that it has been awarded the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the fastest robot to solve a puzzle cube using a robot equipped with high-speed, high-precision factory automation (FA) equipment and control technology. The robot's time of 0.305 second beat the previous record of 0.38 second, for which Mitsubishi Electric received a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS certificate on May 21.
The TOKUI Fast Accurate Synchronized motion Testing Robot (TOKUFASTbot) named by its engineer can perform a 90° rotation time of 0.009 second thanks to its rotation mechanism, which is built with Mitsubishi Electric's compact, high-power, signal-responsive servomotors and a color-recognition algorithm developed with proprietary AI technology. In addition, the servomotors, programmable controller, industrial PC, touch panel display and cameras are all designed to achieve high-speed signal connection and inter-device control.
A video showing the robot solving a puzzle cube taken on May 7 is available on Mitsubishi Electric - Global channel.

Yuji Yoshimura, Senior General Manager, Component Production Engineering Center, Mitsubishi Electric said,
"Since establishing our Component Production Engineering Center in 2016, we have been developing and manufacturing high-tech motors, power semiconductors and related products. To demonstrate our technical capabilities in achieving high-speed, high-precision windings, which are key to increasing the productivity and efficiency of motors used in many of our products, our young engineers voluntarily worked to set the world record, resulting in a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title, which has motivated our engineers to further develop their technical skills. We will continue to take on exciting challenges using the technology we have cultivated in motor development to support global manufacturing."


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