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Mitsubishi Electric Develops IoT Suite under ClariSense BrandCentralizes development and expansion of IoT-related knowledge and technical assets for fast creation of customer value


TOKYO, May 28, 2020 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today its new ClariSense integrated Internet of Things (IoT) technology, which will be used for accelerated development of IoT systems construction within the company and its group companies. ClariSense, which synthesizes Mitsubishi Electric's Maisart®* artificial intelligence (AI) technology, security technologies and other strengths as a general electrical equipment manufacturer, is a unified design guideline and solution library in the form of IoT system that can be centrally maintained and expanded. Sharing ClariSense among Mitsubishi Electric group companies is expected to help accelerate development of IoT systems and new added-value products and services.

  1. * Mitsubishi Electric's AI creates the State-of-the- ART in technology Maisart

Key Features

  1. 1)Integrated IoT knowledge and technical assets for fast creation of added-value products and services

    ClariSense is an IoT system that integrates Mitsubishi Electric's extensive equipment expertise and AI, security and other technological assets under a unified design guideline and solution library that can be centrally maintained and expanded. By combining functions of solution libraries, ClariSense helps to accelerate the creation of added-value products and services.

  2. 2)Flexible implementation specifications for IoT system development according to device and system characteristics

    The unified design guideline defines only the configuration and interface of the IoT system. Flexible implementation specifications enable IoT systems to be integrated in infrastructure that require reliability and robustness and in factory automation (FA) systems to discover and solve problems in real time. Also, optimal IoT systems can be developed according to the characteristics of each device and system, such as facility-management IoT systems that can be linked flexibly to everything from in-building equipment to smartphones.

  3. 3)Links internal and external systems via standard Application Programming Interfaces (API)

    Industry-standard APIs and communication protocols make it easy to link ClariSense-based new IoT systems to internal and external systems, allowing integrated solutions to efficiently collaborate across various customer and business fields.


The use of IoT systems to realize digital transformation is expected to create a market valued at some US$1 trillion by 2022. Previously, Mitsubishi Electric developed its INFOPRISM® IoT platform for the efficient operation and maintenance of electric power equipment and other infrastructure. In the FA field, Mitsubishi Electric's FA-IT integrated e-F@ctory® solution reduces the total costs of development, production and maintenance. The company also has developed IoT systems and solutions for consumer appliances and building equipment. With ClariSense, Mitsubishi Electric will now share its extensive IoT-related experience, device expertise and technological assets, including AI and security, throughout its corporate group for the accelerated creation of added-value products and services to meet needs in infrastructure, mobility, daily life and industry.


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