Mitsubishi Electric to Exhibit Universal Design Products at the 6th International Conference for Universal Design in Nagoya 2016

17 items featuring superior usability and accessibility for all users

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TOKYO, Decemember 9, 2016 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today it will exhibit 17 universal-design products that offer maximized ease of use and accessibility for people of all ages and abilities, during the 6th International Conference for Universal Design at the Nagoya Congress Center in Nagoya, Japan from December 9 to December 11. The exhibits will range from consumer electronics to industrial products.

Mitsubishi Electric's universal design initiatives are based on the concept of usability for each individual, aiming to make products accessible to the largest number of people possible. In recent years, the need for such products has been growing fueled by aging societies and evolving work environments, prompting Mitsubishi Electric to broaden the scope of its universal design initiatives beyond the consumer-electronics and public-facility sectors to include industrial products as well.

Mitsubishi Electric's Exhibits

Voice-activated drawing function Particle-beam treatment system room design
Rakuraku rice cooker Rakuraku quick audio guide for home appliances
Mitsubishi HEMS-ST03 (Home Energy Management System) Air conditioner (MSZ-Z Series)
Refrigerator (CX Series) Car navigation and head-up display system
(NR-MZ200 Series and DU-200HU)
Programmable automation controller
(MELSEC iQ-R Series)
More efficient manufacturing sites supported by Universal Design
Rakuraku Assist: Initiative to develop products that are safe, fun and easy to use CNC machine controller (M800 and M80 Series)
Standard elevator (AXIEZ Series) with side-wall control panel; stainless raised character buttons 4K Ready TV LCD (LS3 Series)
Train vision iNSTICK cordless stick cleaner
Road-illuminating directional indicators for automotive use  

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