TOKYO, November 10, 2016 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today that its new S-series of escalators, which offer enhanced passenger safety and high-level energy conservation, will launch on November 14. Annual sales of 1,000 units are targeted outside of Japan.

SAS model with glass panels

SAL model with glass panels and under-handrail lightning

SAP model with stainless-steel panels

Mitsubishi S-series Escalators

Main Advantages

Enhanced passenger safety
-Automatically stops when an object is caught between the comb and step
-Optional skirt brush helps prevent clothing, sandals, etc. from getting caught between step and skirt guard
-Optional step demarcation lighting under each step eases stepping on/off
Energy Savings
-Variable-voltage Variable-frequency (VVVF) Inverter Control (optional) optimizes motor efficiency
-When no passenger is riding, optional functions can slow or halt the escalator
-Regenerative Converter (standard with optional VVVF) enables electric power generated as escalator runs downward with a certain passenger load or more to be converted for other uses in the building
-Optional LEDs used in various lights to reduce power consumption and achieve long life
Sales Schedule
Product name Type* Rated speed Price Launch Targeted sales
S-series Escalator Type S1000
Type S800
Type S600
30 meters per minute By quote November 14 1,000 units per annum

*Passengers per step - S1000 (step width: 1,000 mm): 2 passengers; Type S800 (800 mm) and Type S600 (600 mm): 1 passenger

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