Case Studies


Jan 25, 2022

Howard Yates, Senior Project Manager at Edgecore Networks, knew that his company wanted to build the most cost-effective and energy-efficient data center that it could. He set a standard based on a simple scenario: a potential tenant should be able to walk in and immediately envision their server racks filling the space.

Why did Edgecore, an industry-leading developer and provider of open networking hardware and software products, choose Mitsubishi Electic? “We needed a homerun,” recalls Garrison Beall, Edgecore’s Commercial Director of Construction, about the company’s first data center. “We needed a company to provide good customer service and good cost-effective solutions that we knew and our customers knew we could rely on.”

Mitsubishi Electric provided the UPS, HVAC system, and elevators.

Reliable power is paramount to a data center, as Yates and his team know full well. “Our reputation would be adversely affected if power goes out.” The uninterrupted power supply is essential for the backup battery that maintains critical power for the Edgecore data center’s tenants.

Mitsubishi Electric installed four of its City Multi VRF air conditioning outdoor units on the roof, offering both heat pump and heat recovery technology. These units provide heating and cooling for the 47,000-square-foot facility. The capability of the technology still impresses Yates. “That’s amazing. It’s 40 tons of cooling from that system.”

Elevators are a part of everyday life for many of us in our offices. But at a data center, the demands placed on them are far higher—and heavier. “We have cabinets that are two-to-three thousand pounds,” Yates explains. Mitsubishi Electric’s elevators are therefore vital for transporting such equipment to service the tenants.

Edgecore isn’t resting on its laurels. It next plans to expand its data center to a further seven buildings. And with Mitsubishi Electric as its partner supporting the construction, that ambition is achievable without any compromise on performance or efficiency.

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