IT Cooling Systems

When it comes to data centres and server rooms, it is imperative that the servers and IT equipment are kept in optimal conditions at all times. Mitsubishi Electric's IT Cooling systems are highly reliable, capable of keeping operating costs low by being saving energy, achieving low power usage effectiveness (PUE)—an aspect desirable for data centres.

Whether it is for a small server room or a big data centre, Mitsubishi Electric has a diverse lineup available allowing customization to suit your needs.

Product Introduction – Some highlights from our range

NEXT Series

  • i-NEXT DX (10.4 – 135 kW)
  • w-NEXT (10 – 225 kW)
  • Air-cooled, water-cooled, chilled water, dual fluid

s-MEXT Series

  • s-MEXT DX G00 (6.8 – 42.3 kW)
  • w-MEXT Chilled water (4.6 – 12.5 kW)
  • Low GWP R32, Mr Slim Outdoors

Multi-Density Series

  • DX VRF High Density Solution
  • In-Rack/ in-Row options
  • Long piperuns

Product Introduction

Chillers (heat source side)

A lineup of a diverse range of chillers, including energy-saving chillers that achieve low PUE, free cooling systems, and maintenance-saving chillers.

Chillers equipped with oil-free compressors, in particular, require less maintenance and contribute to reduced data centre operating costs.
By extending the life cycle, we strive for resource-saving and efficiency, and design, manufacture, and provide high-performance products that are durable and economical.

  • Air cooled chillers
  • Water cooled chiller
  • Air cooled with Free-Cooling chiller
  • Condenserless chillers

Server coolers

You can select from a range of air conditioning systems depending on the server heat generation load and size of the data centre.

For telecom use
High Precision Air Conditioning (Upper or Under flow type)
Rack cooler
Water-cooled air conditioner Under flow type
Fan Wall type

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Comprehensive Solution Ideas

Mitsubishi Electric offers a broad lineup of solutions to support the building of your data centre.
You can maximize the effectiveness of many solutions by using them in combination with one another.

  • IT Cooling &
    Environmental Control

    Mitsubishi Electric HVAC and IT Cooling solutions deliver optimal conditions for all Data Halls & IT equipment.

  • Monitoring &
    Control Solutions

    Mitsubishi Electric monitoring and control solutions deliver total system integration, data capture and analytics across multiple operational assets and provides the link to the data centre management system.

  • Data Centre Infrastructure

    Mitsubishi Electric DCIM delivers full data centre management and analytics and provides total management of energy and power, capacity and overbooking, intelligent building control, full building cooling, uptime and asset performance.
    Secure data capture and analytics delivers full visibility of facility performance, Power Usage Efficiency and sustainability.

  • UPS

    Mitsubishi Electric UPS systems and solutions have a track record of delivering best in class high efficiency back up power solutions, ensuring uptime requirements are met, whilst taking up reduced footprint compared to our competitors.

  • Critical and Auxiliary Power
    Distribution Solutions

    Mitsubishi Electric MV and LV Switchgear and distribution solutions deliver superior durability and high permeability, contributing to the stable operation and safety of you Data Centre.

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