MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Create new value with MELSERVO-J5

Introducing the MELSERVO-J5, an innovative servo system that revolutionizes machine performance, usability, maintainability, and safety. With its cutting-edge features and industry-leading performance, it offers several advantages to enhance your machine operations.

Servo amplifier

The servo amplifier is a solution for enterprises that need easy integration with various systems and want to make sure that their devices will operate reliably and efficiently.

Versatile and Scalable Solution

  • Scalable synchronous axes to meet various industry applications, from single-axis to a 256 multi-axis system
  • All motion modules programmed in one software environment
  • Multi-axis capability within one servo unit, reducing energy consumption and maximizing cabinet space with less wiring

Connectivity Through Flexible Configuration

  • 1 Gbps CC-Link IE TSN based motion for time synchronization across all connected devices, including servo amplifiers, motion modules, I/Os, PLC, etc.
  • CC-Link IE TSN facilitates IoT infrastructure across the manufacturing enterprise
  • Multi-network connectivity with compatibility with EtherCAT®, enabling a communication cycle of 125s and pulse train connections at a pulse frequency of 4 million pulses/s

User-Friendly Operation

  • Instant start-up tuning for smooth and instant machine operation
  • One-Touch Tuning function for optimal performance and reduced settling time without requiring tuning experience
  • Advanced Vibration Suppression Control II™ effectively suppresses vibration on load and machine base, enhancing high-response motion and improving productivity in a multi-inertia mechanism

Maintainability for Prompt Detection and Diagnosis of Failures

  • Servo-based predictive maintenance powered by AI technology
  • Detects mechanical component deterioration through friction and vibration value changes
  • Generates failure warnings to improve machine uptime, reduce unexpected failures, and minimize spare parts inventory

Reliable Maintenance and Safety

  • Works with RD78 motion modules and iQ-R safety CPU, supporting safety communication via CC-Link IE TSN
  • EtherCAT amplifiers support FSoE to enable safety functions via EtherCAT network
  • Supports a wide variety of safety sub-functions at a higher safety level, decreasing downtime and improving overall machine safety

Rotary servo motor

The benefits of using a rotary servo motor include:

  • Reliability: the product is equipped with a reliable absolute encoder, which guarantees trouble-free operation of the motor. Precision: 26-bit encoder ensures exceptionally precise motor movements.

  • No Batteries Required: The encoder does not require batteries, eliminating the need to replace batteries and reducing maintenance costs.

  • Functionality: Encoder cables, electromagnetic brakes and power supply are wired with a single cable with one-touch connector making wiring simple.

Servo drive selection with virtual assistant

Servo amplifier

Compatible with CC-Link IE TSN, EtherCAT, SSCNET III/H, and general-purpose interface. Servo amplifiers (200V/400V class) and drive units are available.

Rotary servo motor

Equipped with a 26-bit batteryless absolute position encoder. The cables for the encoder, the electromagnetic brakes, and the power are equipped with one-touch lock.