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Carbon neutrality

Clean energy – key factor in achieving carbon neutrality

13.04.20234 min read

These days, in the developed countries the energy used to fuel the majority of our everyday conveniences (such as vehicles, hot water and electricity), as well for the manufacturing process, constitutes the main reason for climate change. Burning fossil fuels, such as coal and gas releases carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide to the atmosphere.

As University Corporation for Atmospheric Research explains, CO2 is an important greenhouse gas that helps to trap heat in our atmosphere. Without it, our planet would be inhospitably cold. However, an increase in CO2 concentrations in our atmosphere is causing average global temperatures to rise, disrupting other aspects of Earth’s climate.

Sources of clean energy

The good news is that we can provide energy for our conveniences and production processes without the planet-warming effects of fossil fuels. Renewable energy sources are the most prominent change-makers when it comes to minimizing the negative effects of temperature rise. What do we have at our disposal?

Climate challenges for global corporations

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the industry sector was responsible for 24% of greenhouse gas emissions in 2020. This is why it’s crucial for global corporations like Mitsubishi Electric to invest in long-term initiatives aimed at increasing the percentage of renewable energy sources used in the production process.

Three Environmental Action Guidelines set within the company’s Environmental Sustainability Vision 2050 are Mitsubishi Electric’s North Star when it comes to putting this statement into practice. This is an area in which Mitsubishi Electric excels, developing new technologies related to energy management to reduce unnecessary energy waste.

How we develop power equipment and systems supporting power generation, grid transmission & distribution?

  • Indirect hydrogen-cooled VP-X series turbine generators
  • Reduced environmental impact transformers
  • Reduced environmental impact switchgear
  • Automatic voltage regulator (AVR)
  • Monitoring and control systems

Create new value

As Noriyuki Takazawa, Executive Officer, Group President, Energy & Industrial Systems, pointed out, the company:

  • works to continuously improve the efficiency of the power generators, switchgear and transformers that make up our core businesses,
  • develops environmentally friendly equipment to eliminate or reduce the use of SF6 gas, known for its high global-warming potential,
  • pushes forward with the development of monitoring and control systems, smart meter systems and battery energy storage systems that allow for economical and reliable high-quality power distribution systems,
  • invests in the growing use of renewable energy resources, integrated management of distributed energy sources, and wide area supply and demand of electricity through interconnection of electric power utilities.

Read the message from the Group’s President: Message 

Through these and other ongoing initiatives, Mitsubishi Electric is helping to bring about a safer, more secure and more comfortable world

  • BLEnDer® series software package
  • Virtual power plant (VPP) systems
  • Smart meter system
  • Large-capacity energy storage control systems
  • D-SMiree smart medium-low voltage DC distribution network system

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Carbon neutrality