MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better
Carbon neutrality

Products and solutions for wide-ranging environmental activitiess

09.01.20243 min read

Mitsubishi Electric manufactures equipment and software that have a direct impact on the Earth’s climate safety. These devices make it possible to reduce the demand for electricity, optimize the management of production processes to save energy, and keep emission-free industrial, office and residential buildings. Here are a few examples of our products and solutions for wide-ranging environmental activities. Photo: Getty Images

Solutions for buildings

Room Air Conditioner 

Manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric, Room Air Conditioner Kirigamine FZ Series has been equipped in the “Move Eye mirAI” solution, which analyses home performance based on room temperature time series data through AI technology and predicts upcoming changes in effective temperature

Heat pump sensor 

The 3D iSee sensor is another unique solution, constantly monitoring the space in the room where the Mitsubishi Electric heat pump is installed. The device recognizes whether there are people in the space, and if so, it determines where they are, and then regulates the air flow to provide maximum comfort while using the least possible amount of energy.

Solutions for the industry

Inverter FR-F800

The consumed power of a variable-torque load, such as fans, pumps, and blowers, is proportional to the cube of its rotation speed. Adjusting the air volume by the inverter rotation speed control can lead to energy savings.

Multi-Axis Servo Amplifier

2-axis and 3-axis servo amplifiers are available for operating two and three servo motors, respectively. These servo amplifiers enable energy-saving, compact machine at lower cost. Different types of servo motors including rotary servo motors, linear servo motors, and direct drive motors are freely combined as long as the servo motors are compatible with the servo amplifier.

Software EcoAdviser

This software identifies and quantifies energy losses based on AI analysis and Mitsubishi Electric’s five focusing points. Factors closely correlating with energy loss such as date and time, equipment and so on are prioritized in terms of potential for reducing losses through recommended countermeasures. Also, key points are clarified to ensure effective energy-saving measures. Factor diagnosis steadily improves as AI learns conditions and ongoing results.

Data Collecting Server EcoWebServer III

With built-in applications focused on energy saving (including graph functions), it is possible to contribute to energy-saving measures in plants. By HTTP server functions, the collected data is transmitted via Ethernet across the Intranet so that anyone in the network can check and grasp the energy usage in real-time.

For a greener tomorrow – find out more about Energy-saving Data Collecting Server EcoWebServer.


Carbon neutrality