TOKYO, September 30, 2015-Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced today that it will exhibit a range of cutting-edge technologies and products at CEATEC JAPAN 2015, which will take place at the Makuhari Messe exhibition complex in Chiba, Japan from October 7 to 10. The Mitsubishi Electric booth (No. 3L113) will be located in the Lifestyle & Society Stage area of Hall 3.

Under the theme "Mitsubishi Electric's technological capabilities-leading to the future," the company will present many of its latest technologies and products, including several in hands-on exhibits that will allow visitors to experience innovations directly. Exhibits will include the Quasi-Zenith Satellite System for satellite positioning with centimeter-level accuracy, an advanced car audio/navigation system, ultra-high-speed elevator technology and much more.

Rendition of Mitsubishi Electric booth

Rendition of Mitsubishi Electric booth


-Sensory demonstration of an LCD display that uses all-laser RGB backlight technology to deliver 98 percent of the color gamut specified for 4K/8K UHD by the Rec. 2020 standard
-3D reconstruction technology for remodeling offices and other spaces by precisely constructing 3D models on tablets equipped with 3D sensors

-Video introducing envisioned applications of the Quasi-Zenith Satellite System and touch panels introducing technology for satellite positioning to the centimeter level
-Moving model of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan's ultra-large telescope slated for operation in 2024, the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT), which will be constructed on Mauna Kea in Hawaii through collaboration between Japan, the United States, Canada, China and India

-Tsunami early-detection simulation video and model introducing radar technologies that allow more time for evacuation
-Model of surveillance camera network incorporating wireless technologies that enable easy installation for provisional use, and demonstration featuring the actual product
-Demonstration of remote surveillance security cameras and the MELOOK 3 surveillance system, which features up to 32 cameras and powerful zooming capabilities

-Sensory demonstration in a car equipped with the DIATONE SOUND. NAVI audio/navigation system featuring advanced DIATONE acoustic technologies
-Hands-on demonstration of ultra-high-speed elevator technology for quiet, smooth rides in the Shanghai Tower, traveling from the second basement level to the 119th floor in approximately 55 seconds at up to 18 meters per second
-Presentation of initiatives for 5G mobile communication network and display of the newly developed Active Phased Array Antenna (APAA)

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