TOKYO, September 29, 2015- Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced today the launch of a 6.5kV/1000A X-Series HVIGBT module featuring the highest capacity and highest operating temperature in the industry at 150 degrees Celsius. The reduced inverter losses and improved operating temperature range make it ideal for use in high-voltage converter systems, including traction and electric power applications. Sales will begin November 30.

6.5kV/1000A X-Series HVIGBT module

6.5kV/1000A X-Series HVIGBT module

High-power modules are key for power systems that require large capacity, high reliability and superb efficiency. Mitsubishi Electric commercialized its first HVIGBT module in 1997, which contributed to the increased capacity and miniaturization of high voltage converter systems. To achieve higher output current and reliable design, Mitsubishi Electric has developed the X-Series HVIGBT module with seventh-generation Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) and Relaxed Field of Cathode (RFC) diode.

Product Features

Industry-leading 6.5kV / 1000A power for increased capacity
- Higher output current at the same size as previous modules
- Seventh-generation CSTBT*TM chip and RFC diode chip reduce power loss by about 20 percent and thermal resistance by 10 percent compared to existing HVIGBT module (CM750HG-130R)
*Mitsubishi Electric's original IGBT chip construction incorporating carrier-store effect

Expanded operating temperature range for smaller systems
-Maximum operation temperature of 150 degrees Celsius, a world's first for the 6.5kV class
-Seventh-generation CSTBT chip and RFC diode chip, and improved package technology enable smaller inverter systems with broad SOA

Compatible package for simplified design and easy replacement
-Enable for use the inverter system to reduce development term
-Outline and terminal layout compatible with existing HVIGBT module (CM600HG-130H, CM750HG-130R )
Sales Schedule
Model Specification Shipment
CM1000HG-130XA 6.5kV / 1000A 1in1, IGBT module November 30, 2015

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