MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Changes for the better – recycling as part of sustainability

23.11.20233 min read

Innovative technology is not only cutting-edge, but also a path to sustainability for a greener future. The Mitsubishi Group was already ranked as one of the top-rated companies for water and climate management by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in 2017. How does recycling fit into Mitsubishi Electric's sustainability policy?

Mitsubishi Electric is among the technology leaders that develop advanced solutions for greater sustainability, greater safety and reliability of the products offered. By implementing its Environmental Vision 2021 plan, the company is helping to create a society based on a low-carbon economy and recycling. The solutions it promotes also work within the framework of efforts to protect biodiversity and natural resources.

Long-term sustainability

The horizon of Mitsubishi Electric's sustainability vision extends to 2050, and the project calls for initiatives in five areas: Achieving carbon neutrality, supporting a circular economy, safety, diversity and well-being. 

To combat climate change, the Mitsubishi Electric Group promotes and sells energy-efficient products, systems and services in the field of renewable energy. It develops smart solutions to support recycling companies by offering energy-saving frequency converters and software solutions such as EcoAdviser. By working with its stakeholders, the company aims to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

The Group's goal is also to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 by reducing emissions at every stage of Mitsubishi Electric's product life cycle – from design to raw material sourcing and production to sales, distribution, use and disposal. Extensive recycling measures are required to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Recycling programs 

Mitsubishi Electric also strives to recycle its own products. According to the Group, Mitsubishi Electric companies in Japan emitted a total of 1,439 tons of waste in 2022, of which 520 tons were recycled.
As part of its sustainability policy, the company has set up a recycling program for its air conditioning and photovoltaic modules to recover and reuse as many raw materials as possible.

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