Mitsubishi Electric's METoA Ginza Event Space to Open on March 31

Located in Tokyu Plaza Ginza building, newest landmark in Tokyo's iconic Ginza district

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TOKYO, March 4, 2016 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today the March 31 opening of METoA Ginza, an event space where visitors will learn more about the company's newest and most advanced offerings, located in the Tokyu Plaza Ginza building of Ginza, Tokyo.

Based on the theme "Always something new. With Mitsubishi Electric.," METoA Ginza (Mitsubishi Electric: Touch of Advancement) will provide visitors with opportunities to see, feel and experience innovative world-class products and services through hands-on events on its second and third floors.

One of the main attractions will be the second-floor METoA VISION, a multi-display system comprising 64 screens and measuring 19.4 meters by 2.7 meters. The METoA VISION will be a main feature of limited-time events held in collaboration with celebrities, artists and creators. For the opening event, which will be open to the public free of charge from March 31 until June 28, the "Flowers for Ginza" event will present creations from three teams of flower artists and video creators.



On the third floor of METoA Ginza will be a 4.9m x 2.7m interactive display system comprised of 16 screens, which will operate interactively when visitors pass by.

The facility's two elevators each will be equipped with 11 DIATONE speakers incorporating Mitsubishi Electric's nano-carbonized high-velocity (NVC) diaphragms for rich, dynamic surround sound. Music will be provided by Yosi Horikawa, a new-breed musician noted for incorporating diverse sounds from nature.

Me's CAFE & KITCHEN at METoA Ginza on the first floor is an Australian-style café that will serve Allpress Espresso coffees made with advanced roasting technology and menu items made with talked-about "superfoods" such as chia seeds. Visitors also will be able to purchase METoA Ginza goods at a shop on the first floor.

The Tokyu Plaza Ginza building is located at 5-2-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo. From March 31, METoA Ginza can be reached by phone at +81-3-5537-7411, or viewed online at It will operate from 11:00 am to 9pm (café until 11 pm).

As Mitsubishi Electric prepares to celebrate its 100th anniversary in the fiscal year ending in March 2021, the new METoA Ginza event space will show the world how the company has been contributing to global society for nearly a century through a wide range of businesses. Under the concept "Always something new. With Mitsubishi Electric.," METoA Ginza will not only exhibit advanced products and services from Mitsubishi Electric but will also collaborate with noted figures in art and culture to enable people to enjoy the thrill of discovery.

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