MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Innovative vision systems for a wide range of applications especially linked with Mitsubishi robots and motion solutions

Cognex and Mitsubishi Electric have been partnering on delivering innovative vision systems since 2008. These systems blend the strength of the Mitsubishi automation solution with the industry leading vision products available from Cognex, such as the In-Sight EZ, a compact all-in-one system developed jointly with Mitsubishi.

The In-Sight EZ is derived from the In-Sight Micro, but offers pre-configured capabilities to connect directly to the System Q PLC and/or the GOT HMI via Ethernet. A CC-Link connection is also possible, allowing integration with other CC-Link devices on an open network. To reduce engineering costs, System Q supports the Cognex system with specially developed function blocks, meaning no special programming is required to design a system. To complete the solution, the GOT is also capable of displaying the captured images, as well as being able to display the Cognex parameters for editing. These special features deliver the maximum cost effectiveness from the minimum number of hardware components.