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Mitsubishi Electric Launches Serendie Digital Platform for Value Co-creationAiming to accelerate transformation into a "Circular Digital-Engineering Company"


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TOKYO, May 29, 2024 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today that it has launched the Serendie™ digital platform, effective immediately, to facilitate co-creation initiatives aimed at accelerating the company's transformation into a "Circular Digital-Engineering Company."

Through Serendie (a portmanteau of "serendipity" and "digital engineering"), Mitsubishi Electric expects to create sustainable future value by leveraging technological expertise and creativity synthesized through encounters between diverse talents and insights derived from various data sources.

In response to the imperative of realizing a sustainable world, Mitsubishi Electric has positioned sustainability as a cornerstone of its corporate management. The company is focusing on five key areas-Carbon neutral, Circular economy, Safety/Security, Inclusion and Well-being- as it strives to transform itself into a Circular Digital-Engineering Company, including by analyzing and utilizing various data source in its businesses at an accelerated pace to create sustainable new value and solutions that address increasingly complex issues in modern society.

To this end, Mitsubishi Electric will use its new Serendie digital platform to facilitate unprecedented interactions between devices, systems and services in various fields, and the data and knowledge aggregated from these interactions, to create new value and contribute to the realization of a more vibrant and sustainable world.


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