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Mitsubishi Electric lifts, escalators and building management systems are always evolving, helping to achieve our goal of being the No.1 brand in quality. In order to satisfy customers in all aspects of comfort, efficiency and safety while realising a sustainable society, the highest levels of quality and environmental consideration are always at the core of our activities. As the times change, Mitsubishi Electric will continue to utilise the collective strengths of our advanced and environmental technologies to offer customers reliable products while contributing to society.


Since the mid-19th century, lifts have played a major role in transforming the city skylines of the world, all the while making daily life more convenient. Mitsubishi Electric lifts have played a major role in the development of the high-tech cityscapes of modern Japan, providing architects and developers with new options for innovative building design.

Escalators and moving walks

Escalators are big, bulky and expensive installations, and the level of engineering precision and manufacturing standards required to make them work reliably cannot be underestimated. Yet these conveyances are an integral part of daily life for millions all over the world. At Mitsubishi Electric, we’re not only engaged in constant refinement of the technology to protect a customer’s investment over the years, we’re also pushing the envelope with innovative products like the spiral escalator. Introduced more than 20 years ago, to this day we remain the only manufacturer that makes these spectacular installations.


Building Systems



Delivered first lift and escalator.


Established Inazawa Works.


Delivered the world’s fastest lift (at the time): 600 m/min (Sunshine 60 Building, Tokyo).


Delivered the world’s fastest lift (at the time): 750 m/min (Yokohama Landmark Tower).


Constructed the “SOLAÉ” lift testing tower.


Delivered the world’s fastest lift (at the time): 1230 m/min (Shanghai Tower).


Building the lift training centre at Inazawa Works in Japan

When completed, this facility will help us enhance the quality of our lift installations and deliver higher levels of safety, peace of mind and comfort.

Illuminated projections for building guidance systems

This innovation provides visitors with directions and detailed lift-status information, supporting smooth and efficient navigation and movement.

New lift test tower at Mitsubishi Elevator Asia (Thailand)

The new tower extends the range of products that can be tested, helping to accelerate local product development.

Three GUINNESS WORLD RECORD titles for fastest and tallest lifts

All three models are operating in the 632-metre Shanghai Tower, China’s tallest building.

S-Series Escalators: Extra safety and higher energy conservation

Mitsubishi Electric’s S-Series escalators take passenger safety and energy savings to new heights.

The new NEXIEZ-GPX lift eliminates the need for a machine room

This machine room-less (MRL) lift eliminates the need for a rooftop machine room to account for building height restrictions. It is matched to the needs of the Latin American market

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