Mitsubishi Electric Group Launches 51 Overseas Corporate Websites!

In 2015, Mitsubishi Electric began implementing its plan to launch and begin operation of a Corporate Site in each of the 31 countries and one region (EMEA) in which the Mitsubishi Electric Group has a local group company or entity. This milestone has now been achieved with the successful launch of the 51* Corporate Sites in the original plan, which have all been completed and gone live.

The purpose of this project is to enhance both awareness and understanding of the Mitsubishi Electric Group in each country, in order to further contribute to global business activities, while helping build the global brand.

To achieve those goals, the information on each Corporate Site comprises two kinds of content: common "global" information provided by the Global Head Office, as well as "local" information specific to each country or region. In general, each website has been created and is maintained in the language(s) deemed essential for business in each particular country/region. The current number of languages for Corporate Sites worldwide totals 23, and includes major languages in Europe, Asia, and Central and South America. There is also a website in Arabic. Common global information is created in American English, then translated into each language as required before uploading onto each website. Local webmasters in each country/region are responsible for updating and/or posting their specific local information.

An optimised operational and team framework—covering everything from site structure and design to governance and operation—has been put in place to run the websites efficiently and error-free. Central to this framework is the Website Production Center and Translation Center, both of which are project partners chosen for their global credentials and experience. The Website Management Center inside the Corporate Advertising Division at Mitsubishi Electric's Global Head Office manages project partners and the overall project.

At present, these 51 websites collectively see more than 1,000 updates (including translations) per month, the implementation of which has been smooth and free from major issues to date.

Moving forward, local webmasters, project partners and the management team will work together to enhance operation of Mitsubishi Electric's global Corporate Sites as a strategic centrepiece of each country's communications activities.

Please take a look at the Corporate Site of your choice by clicking on the Region/Language selector in the top right-hand corner of any of the 51 websites. You will be directed to the corresponding page for the country and language that you select.

*In some countries the Corporate Site exists in more than one language, which accounts for the difference between number of countries (31 countries + 1 region) and number of websites (51 websites).