Basic Policy

Promoting R&D That Supports Growth Strategies

Kenji Kondo, Executive Officer, Corporate Research and Development Group

Mitsubishi Electric has adopted two strategies in promoting corporate growth: a Victory (VI) strategy and an Advance (AD) strategy. The VI strategy seeks to make strong businesses stronger, while the AD strategy aims to reinforce solutions business centred on strong businesses. To support these two growth strategies, facilities like the Advanced Technology R&D Center, the Information Technology R&D Center, and the Industrial Design Center focus their R&D activities mainly on common fundamental technologies, advanced technologies and design.

To be more specific, under the VI strategy, the "strong businesses" positioned in growth areas that we are actively conducting R&D on to strengthen include: the Energy & Electric Systems businesses such as electric power and transport, the Industrial Automation Systems businesses such as FA (factory automation), the Information & Communication Systems businesses such as satellites, the Electronic Devices businesses such as power devices and the Home Appliances businesses such as air conditioners. To this end, we are thoroughly reinforcing our fundamental technologies with the intention of forging leading, world-class technologies.

Under the AD strategy, we are engaging in R&D that supports solutions business centred on strong businesses, including smart grid, smart community and energy conservation solutions — all of which produce synergistic effects in product technologies by combining technologies related to VI products.

In addition, we promote "development that will design life and society in the future" in order to create new businesses. Examples of this are equipment and systems for energy conservation, recycling and resource recovery—which will help to realise a recycling-oriented society—as well as information security, advanced encryption, and disaster preventative systems, which are intended to realise safety and security for people and society.

R&D is the vehicle that drives growth strategies forwards. We will continue to proactively invest operational resources as we aim simultaneously for both developments that can be leveraged in tomorrow's products, and R&D that will come to fruition ten, or even twenty, years from now.

As we move forwards, please continue to hold your expectations high for Mitsubishi Electric R&D.

Kenji Kondo

Executive Officer

Corporate Research and Development Group