Energy & Electric Systems

Turbine generators, hydraulic turbine generators, nuclear power plant equipment, motors, transformers, power electronics equipment, circuit breakers, gas-insulated switches, switch control devices, surveillance-system control and security systems, large display devices, electrical equipment for locomotives and rolling stock, lifts, escalators, building security systems, building management systems, particle therapy systems and others

Next-generation SiC Inverter for Railcars

Mitsubishi Electric has developed a traction inverter for railcars that incorporates silicon carbide (SiC), a new type of semiconductor. This new inverter, with its energy-efficient, compact, lightweight, low-maintenance and low-noise design, is expected to play a major role in next-generation railcar propulsion systems.

Large-scale Visual Information System for QVC Marine Field (Stadium)

A total of five Diamond Vision displays—one main screen, two sub-screens for outfield stands, and two sub-screens for the area behind the backstop netting—have been delivered to QVC Marine Field, the home field of the Chiba Lotte Marines (Japanese professional baseball team). Various images and videos can be shown via an interconnected display, delivering information throughout the ballpark.

Particle Therapy System

Utilising the characteristic features of protons, carbon and other heavy ions, particle therapy is a cutting edge technology that allows for the pinpoint targeting of cancerous tumours while minimising side effects on surrounding normal tissues. It is increasingly selected as an advanced solution in the treatment of cancer.

Power Plants

Mitsubishi Electric power plant installations are used both by power utility companies and by companies in various industries as in-house power generators. Owing to its accumulated expertise and leading technological capabilities, Mitsubishi Electric is able to provide optimal power plants in various power generation fields.

AXIEZ Machine-room-less Lifts

Along with enhanced energy-saving functions, including lighting that is entirely LED, AXIEZ machine-room-less lifts offer outstanding function and design. Furthermore, Mitsubishi Electric has added a new large-capacity model to the AXIEZ line-up, thereby extending the range of target buildings to include large-scale office buildings, commercial facilities and hospitals.

Facima BA-System, an Open Integrated Management System for Building Facilities

The Facima BA-system provides a variety of functions which help save energy and make building management more efficient. In order to target buildings of a wider range of sizes and purposes, Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new wall-mounted model with an LCD touch panel as part of its Facima line-up.