Home Appliances

LCD televisions, room air conditioners, package air conditioners, air-to-water heat pump boilers, refrigerators, electric fans, ventilators, photovoltaic systems, hot water supply systems, LED lights, fluorescent lights, indoor lighting, compressors, chillers, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, showcases, cleaners, jar rice cookers, microwave ovens, IH cooking heaters and others.

Air Conditioning Systems

In addition to KIRIGAMINE room air conditioners, Mitsubishi Electric offers an extensive lineup of products with applications extending from stores, offices and buildings to factories and industrial facilities while featuring environmentally compatible, energy-saving technologies. These qualities allow Mitsubishi Electric to meet air conditioning needs globally.

Home Equipment

ENEDIA is a system that effectively uses renewable energy through the ingenious application of a home energy management system (HEMS) that stores electricity generated by solar panels in the batteries of an electric vehicle. ENEDIA is based on Mitsubishi Electric’s concept of a smart electric home that conserves energy by using highly efficient air conditioners, water heaters and cooking equipment. It gives residents a way to conserve energy without sacrificing comfort.

Home Appliances

Mitsubishi Electric develops home appliances by incorporating its unique technologies and perspectives so that its products can be used in various scenes of daily life, such as the kitchen, living room and bedroom. Efforts are made to develop products that contribute to making life more comfortable for users whilst meeting and even surpassing their expectations.

Lighting Fixtures and Light Bulbs

Mitsubishi Electric offers an extensive line-up of high-efficiency, long-lasting LED products that meet diverse needs for energy-saving light bulbs and equipment in households, shops, offices and factories. The company’s LED products make the future brighter for families and society as a whole.

Visual Equipment for Public and Business Applications

Mitsubishi Electric's high-quality image processing technologies deliver exceptionally sharp images with superior colour reproduction and are incorporated in a wide range of products developed to suit a variety of application needs. These systems are being used in Japan and abroad for large-screen applications, such as digital signage used to display images, data and information at public facilities and other venues.

Recycling Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances

Mitsubishi Electric has developed technologies for automatically sorting the three major types of plastic (polypropylene [PP], polystyrene [PS] and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene [ABS]) used in consumer electronics and home appliances. This unique recycling system is being used to increase the reuse of plastics in the company’s products by improving the physical properties of the sorted materials.